The advantages of investing in a furniture package for your home

The advantages of investing in a furniture package for your home

Do you often wonder what furniture will look good in your new home? Questioning your own design choices and want an expert to weigh in? Spend hours searching and pinning interior design tips to your dream board?

Furniture packages provide a wonderful solution to a multitude of problems! 

They give purchasers immediate access to purposefully chosen products that have been carefully curated by interior design specialists with their chosen space in mind.

The majority of purchasers will likely have expended large sums to complete on their property, and fully furnishing a new home falls down the list of priorities.

With a bespoke furniture package, a property can be transformed into a home quickly and easily, removing the need to trawl around numerous shops, compare a multitude of samples and swatches for coordination or put together complicated flat-pack furniture. 

There are also important incentives for buy-to-let purchasers who may not be local to the property and will likely require tenant-ready accommodation to minimise any vacancy periods.

Homegrown has worked very closely with LOFT Interior Designers to create a beautiful Design Concept for the Barker Building development, which is currently being showcased in our show home.

The 3 different Furniture Packages that are available as a result of this collaboration are entirely unique to this development, reflect the aesthetic of the industrial building, and are fully tailorable to accommodate each apartment and purchaser’s taste.

It is not only furniture that can be provided but everything from towels & bedding, kitchen and cleaning equipment, decorative fixtures and fittings, all the way down to the teaspoons!

Everything has been thought of to ensure a simple, hassle-free process at extremely competitive pricing.

Design, delivery, and installation are all included with a helpful team on hand to answer any questions and help make tweaks to suit your preferences.

Download the furniture package brochure here or get in touch with the friendly team at LOFT if you have any questions – they are happy to help!